SOPA (oh shit the internet is over)

so many of you are probably aware of this already: and for those who are not, its a bill trying to pass that could basically do any one of these things:

  • allow isps to block any website they deem is breaking the law
  • shut down sites like youtube, tumblr, and other websites i dont really visit (but are cool)
  • cut off funding to websites that are also breaking the law
  • make it a felony with an up to 5 year sentence to use any copyrighted material even if you are not commercially using it
  • dismantle the morality of internet security
  • ????
  • and more
so please negate that with will or simply write and call to your congressman. this crap should not pass. if it does, we will not be able to fucking love music anymore.

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  1. DHint says:
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  2. Anonymous says:

    Is it just America? I mean i know Britain is USA's bitch anyway, but will this law affect Europe?

  3. edlorado says:

    Do you know that "sopa" in Greek means don't talk, shut up? Is this a coincidence? Bad news my friend...

  4. Anonymous says:

    this was posted too late they voted on it on november 16th

  5. dantelop says:

    Yes it was.

    But dear god.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i know :(

  7. Lana says:

    Fack, any insight on how this affects Canadians?

  8. buck says:

    Throw the democrats out in '12. That will fix the problem (and other problems, too).

  9. dantelop says:

    Buck, this sort of bipartisan bicker is what allowed this sort of shot to go unnoticed. Stop trying to blame any single entity and accept some responsibility yourself.

  10. kurt says:

    I'm irish. i can't vote for a congressman. I take it that it passed? fks sake. anyway, what i would like to say is that the free availability of music has completely changed the live music scene here in dublin. i have gone to see many small new bands like battles, crystal castles and holy fuck because i have free access to their work from your website and others. i have seen many old small bands like swans and thurston moore with a club filled with young people who couldn't know them without free access to their work from your website and others. Back in the day if i wanted a new album by a leftfied band like big black or husker du i had to pay a premium of 5 or 10 dollars per album and no place to see them because there were too few people to make up an audience. Now it is heaven for me as a punter and the bands as performers. long may it continue.

  11. Just discovered your blog - and it fucking rocks!!! I hope this plague of a bill doesn't spill over the rest of the known world.

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