Pablo Moses - A Song (1980)

When I was on my big dub kick last month, someone mentioned this album in the comments. I tracked it down (shit's been out of print for years!), and oh man. This is easily some of the best reggae I've heard.

The title track ("A Song") is epic, dark, and so quintessentially reggae with cutting synths, a big chorus, driving bass, back-beat guitars, and I believe timpanis (timpanii?) from time to time. But, on an album this good it's just not possible to pick a favorite. So I won't.

I know I've thrown a lot of dub and reggae your way recently, but trust me--this one is essential. And out of print.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He's on the AEGEAN with GE.
    DATIL should know.
    They were there ,too,with GENTO.
    And KILLA COLES and DR. DRAGON BALL, they've just about had enough.
    KOMPASS is pissing them all off.
    Doctors and their egos.
    Fuck them.
    And that's what everybody's " doing" now.
    Kids are finally finding their " Cojones".
    Their goes EARL.

  2. DHint says:

    Ever heard of Negril by Eric Gale? It a rare, out of print (not even available for legal digital download), instrumental session arranged and mostly composed by Eric Gale, with Peter Tosh playing guitar. Its worth checking out. I discovered it when I was reading about the career of Peter Tosh (the way he died is truly fucked up). The download link is below.

  3. Will says:

    thanks, I'll give this a listen.

  4. kurt says:

    yeh, had a dub month meself a yr ago. fucked me up entirely.lets go again.

  5. kurt says:

    btw thx DHint 4 the eric gale

  6. i just stumbled upon your blog because i'm looking for the song murder by pablo moses.. do you happen to know it?
    friends of mine used to listen to it many years ago and i can only find the song on a compilation not with his regular releases - so weird :(

  7. ras ron says:

    I DJ`d a reggae show "Reggae Inna North" in college early 90s and this is one of my all time faves along with Bim Sherman`s "Haunting Ground".

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