Laibach - Volk (2006)

I used to complain about how their weren't any albums consisting entirely of industrial techno covers of national anthems.

Then I found this album. Consisting of fourteen tracks--Germany, America, England, France, Israel, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Norway, Japan, the Vatican, and China--the lyrics are bleak, and highly critical of nationalism. Hell, they even give Norway shit!

That said, it's subtle. That's not I word I throw around with industrial music often, but the beats never seem gratuitous or forced. Apart from that, though, there's all the wonderful, epic things you would expect from Laibach: heavy synth beats, drum machines, a threatening voice chanting politically charged rhetoric about nationalism (people used to give Laibach shit for their nazi imagery, but track one really puts that myth to rest), atmospheric pads, and a general sense of menace.

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  1. Hi, Laibach isn't German, but Slovene band.

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