Snuffy - Mangia! (2011)

First and foremost: if you're one of the posters who's album this isn't, don't be mad at me. Y'all threw so much good shit up there that it'll take me ages to get to it all. I fully intend to put much more of it up here, 'cause y'all are some articulate, informed, tasteful motherfuckers. Still, for whatever reasons, this was the one that really stuck out to me--it spoke to me today.

This suggestion came from the illustrious Mike A. What does 'A' stand for? We can only speculate. Maybe 'articulate':

Just a fun ass album that takes explores animal collective experimentation with a hip hop beat. just listen and you may be hooked. P.s band name is in homage to the late great Mr. Snuffulupagus

This is a fairly accurate description, I guess. I'd replace the Animal Collective comparison with Ratatat--their textures are all quite beat driven, in a fun way. Very rocky, and just all around fun. I think you'll dig it.

Anyways, I'll post more of your suggestions later--I love how articulate and knowledgable this community is. Keep it up.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Such a delightful little record. Thank you

  2. Thoroughly surprised when songs off this album came on my ipod on shuffle! Bad to the Bone!!

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