░▒▓ - █ ▄ █ █ ▄ ██ ▄ ██ ▄█ [2010]

Hehe. Good luck searching for this one.
As gimmicky as the artist name/title might be this is a lovely ambient excursion. Some very intimidating soundscapes, but ultimately very beautiful. I think Mr. ░▒▓ himself describes this release pretty well:

This Mister Softy side-project was born just after the Paulstretch / Bieber craze. Seeing how incredible the algorithm was I decided to make something with it. I collected various samples (a full track I did a while back, snippets of unfinished stuff, comedy radio broadcasts, bass guitar recordings I made last year with a borrowed instrument - I don't even play bass but who cares?), "paulstretched" them, fired pro-tools and made a huge montage with the stuff. I then recorded the output on tape using a worn, shitty ghetto blaster with damaged heads. Finally, I mixed the digital and tape versions together (to get rid of the digital purity while maintaining a sense of clarity). The end result is a series of ominous yet relaxing soundscapes lasting over 35 minutes.

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  1. Jay says:

    After importing to iTunes, it shows up right after !!! and +/-, fwiw. Which are after the Z's.

  2. Will says:

    lol. I love dem weird character setz.

  3. This is horrendously dull.

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