Neil Young - Dead Man (1995)

I recently added the 1995 movie "Dead Man" to my list of movies-I-need-to-see-but-have-heard-the-soundtrack-to. It grows and grows and grows.

I don't know anything about the movie but for the liberal use of film excerpts. Normally I'm not a fan of dialogue over music in soundtracks, but it fits Neil Young's ambient, improvised guitar jahms like a glove.

The soundtrack was recorded in one take, with Neil Young improvising while he watched the film. And, since he's Neil Young, Neil Young plays his slow, grungily atmospheric guitar in such a manner that I don't need to see the movie at all.

Edit: And now people are saying that Gibby Fucking Haynes is in this movie? I need to see it right now.

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  1. yes sirree. This is an awesome OST that not many appreciate or know about. So great to see it up here on the site. The film will only deepen one's love of Neil Young's musical accompaniment.

  2. icastico says:

    Great movie indeed. Gibby Haynes puts in a great performance...and yes a great soundtrack.

  3. OLDNIK says:

    Iggy Pop is it it too!
    Fantastic film, it 's like seeing great black and white photography in an endless stream, mesmeric, it just.... glows.....
    oh, and great OST too

  4. I'll fourth the sentiments. See this movie, then watch all of Jim Jarmusch's films. Goooooood.

  5. kurt says:

    Gibby fucking haynes, jesus fucking christ, gibby bullhorn, stripper and circumcision video haynes? Fuck, i gotta see this. cheers

  6. Y Brawd says:

    Just realised I stole this from WFLM and posted on Weird Brother. Sorry, it was late and I was ripped.

    damn fine album mind.

  7. Will says:

    @Y Brawd: ‎"The seeker does not even need any more to hoard on his hard disks whatever he has found: all the various images, musics, films, books and what's not that he fetches from the web... he can just taste and leave there what he finds, without even copying it, because he knows that nothing can disappear any more: once anything lands on the web, it will always be there, available for the eternity to all those that possess its secret name..."

  8. yes you do -- [need to see it]. incredible jarmusch film. think barn owl, higuma, etc in film 15 years pre; most memorable line: "stupid fucking white man."

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