Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee - Presented by Bullion (2007)

first things first, what a hilariously shooped cover. now, i fucking love dilla, and i fucking love pet sounds. so for me to be finding out about this album so late is kind of embarrassing - my cred has now suffered. anyway, excellent production (albeit a bit compressed - but hey, you can do that if you call it a mixtape) by english producer bullion. the mix here is as satisfying as it is fun to listen to. if you are acquainted with both pet sounds and dillas work, you will love this treat. in terms of what period of dilla bullion aimed for, it is for the most part pre-donuts (but after the dee[troit]) mixed with some donuts goodness and some of what was evident in jay stay paid. killer basslines and snares to die for. very nice album. the track "you still believe in dee" is a particular favorite of mine. enjoy.

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  1. cserrr says:

    Bullion is so damn great. Ever since hearing 'Get Familiar' a few years ago I instantly fell in love with the guy and have been following everything he's done since. This is a fantastic album, great post

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