Fancy Mike - Sigma Chi Primavera (2011)

Posted about this guy last year.

21-year old beat-maker from the Midwest. Still can't seem to find much about him. Offers some crazy Flying Lotus-like/Mr. Oizio-sounding/Justice-inspired lo-fi future synth beat-music. Kind of impressive, actually, to hear everything he's doing with this album sonically, given his young age. According to his bio, he works for the fashion industry as a visual artist but still goes to school... okay.

With this second release, he's already working with the likes of pixelord, Montgomery Clunk, Starfawn and Stephen Farris. Seems to be buddies with Dem Hunger and Lorn too. There's a lot happening on this record and it all sounds rather cohesive; very forward-thinking stuff. Really digging the cover art, too.

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  1. Caleb says:

    What City is this guy from!??!?!?

  2. After reading some reviews of his first album, it looks like he's from Minneapolis or at least, somewhere in Minnesota.

    Not absolutely sure though.

  3. dryclaine says:

    as a reccomendation,
    i would suggest not leaving a catalogue of music on mediafire, i feel it would be a good way for you to get shut down.

    i appreciate the music you put up, however seeing the fall of't jenks it) and the fall in the last two years of so many blogspots that i followed, i would suggest finding a more unsuspicious way of posting music.

  4. singer says:

    I am writing on behalf of Father Divine from Montclair, NJ. We would like to submit our new album Requiem for Intellect for review. It features the drumming of Blake Fleming, formally of Dazzling Killmen and The Mars Volta.
    Our Album can be heard here:

    or bio and photos are here:

    Joe Ferrara

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