Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Raumpatrouille (2003)

A bizarre soundtrack from an old German sci-fi show.

Billed as a German answer to Star Trek, this show had a very brief run in the sixties. It leaves behind some interesting music, which all at once seems to channel bollywood, soul, pop, and other stylings reminiscent of early Bond soundtracks. Or maybe bad vintage porn.

Either way, a neat listen. The theme song is actually pretty catchy. And tunes like 'Take Sex' are hilarious.

Hören Sie

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  1. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra had a bit of a revival 10 years ago when Lounge Music was being rediscovered. I have a great CD comp. somewhere by him. Good stuff

  2. Lana says:

    Nice! Any chance you could throw that comp my way?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not a comment on this CD, but rather since it's your latest upload I thought I'd drop in as a first-time WE LOVE FUCKING MUSIC viewer/downloader and say MERCI BEAUCOUP (I'm not French, but the language's 'expressiveness' blows English away) for a truly incredible blog. God knows I love music, and 'm always searching for new stuff, so how I haven't stumbled upon this treasure trove until now is a mystery to me!

    BUT....(you had to figure 'The Obligatory B' was moments away;)....I am shocked that this amazing collection of such a broad spectrum of music is void of Lisa Germano's hauntingly beautiful lullabies.

    Well, there's my two cents worth. Fanfuckingtastic blog...although I would FUCKING LOVE to see Lisa's MUSIC represented here as well.


  4. )))((((((
    .[____].---{Most amusing}

  5. neumann says:

    "Raumpatrouille" certainly owed a lot to preceding American sci-fi films... but not to Star Trek. Both shows were first aired just nine days apart in September 1966, so it's not "Germany's answer" to that.

    "RP" was also not "short-lived" in a sense of being canceled for lack of ratings, but because it was intended to be a seven-episode miniseries from the beginning.

    And I remember the music was just awesome in 1966.

  6. Anonymous says:

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