Lorn - Self Confidence Vol. 2 (2011)

These beats are dark! This isn't some LA shit (think Teebs or Samiyam) or NYC (à la Falty DL): Lorn shows us what the Midwest has to offer in terms of beat-making. SC v.2 feels much more put-together than SC v.1. Featuring instrumentals from past remixes as well as unreleased collabs with the likes of Illum Sphere and Zackey Force Funk, it's crazy that something like this has so much going on (38 beats in total!) Lorn, you're a fool for this one, giving away so many of your beautiful creations just because you're in it for the love of the craft. Something here for everyone, promise.

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  1. DARN1T says:

    Thanks for locating this! Love some Lorn.

  2. Goddamn this is good. Some of the hardest "make a mean face and nod your head" shit I've heard in a while. Could anyone recommend some similar stuff to this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    well holy shit

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