V/A - The Verve Story: 1944 - 1994 (1994)

A great release from Verve. This collection is a celebration of their 50th year in making records.

Per Indigo, "If anyone can tell the story of jazz, it's Verve Records. They've been in the business as long as anyone and The Verve Story 1944-1994 is a fitting tale for their 50th birthday. Vocal stars from Billie Holiday to Mel Torme croon out their best and the dizzying array of instrumental giants is too long to list. Basically, if jazz had an all-star team, this would be it...every serious jazz fan - and everyone new to the genre - should check this out."

It's organized over four discs, each corresponding to a time period. Pick up your favorite era, or enjoy the whole thing.


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  1. lakecog says:

    These classics and the Morricone set are a treasure trove of sounds. Like the way the Morricone set is sequenced. Many Thanks. Cog.

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