Machine Go Boom - Thank You Captain Obvious (2004)

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This one's a WFLM special, really brings back the memories. Machine Go Boom is a five-piece band from Cleveland, Ohio and what they play is extremely catchy stuff. It's best described as "bratty, romper-room, sugar-wiry punkiness with simple classic adult (gasp) pop song sensibility." Yeah, this stuff was around back when adult contemporary was a genre many people actually referenced quite seriously.

Debut album, out of print, band has a cult following, this is from my personal stash, it's funny and doesn't take itself too seriously and no one makes music like this anymore really. Voted #74 in BTID's 150 Most Essential Albums of the '00's. Never went mainstream/sold-out = bonus points.

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  1. fuck yeah i lost this album years ago glad to have it back

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