Converter - Blast Furnace (2000)

excellent early aughts power noise from Seattle-based Converter. think Wolf Eyes-esque distorted textures/aggression with the rhythmic underpinnings/danceability of, say, Front 242 or similar rhythmic noise/industrial artists. still sounds incredibly fresh and modern 11 years later.

Death Time

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  1. If I remember correctly, this guy was also Pain Station.

  2. Yeah he also went by Pain Station, Converter was his power noise project. I saw him open up for Winterkälte at the Vogue Seattle's live goth industrial venue.

  3. I´m so fuckin gratefull for this disc... it´s a real trouble get it!!

  4. is there a possibility to get this reuploaded? I felt nostalgic and wanted to listen to this masterpiece againn!

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