Another oddity coming from one of my favorite rock bands of all time. Again, with the dudes from Big Business. I haven't listened to it enough times to get a proper opinion of it, so share your thoughts in the comments...


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  1. PERUCHO says:

    I saw Melvins and Big businness last year in Buenos Aires, they're both great bands. Thanx for sharing this!

  2. Bret says:
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  3. Bret says:

    always consistent, drumming amazing of course. chants are a bit weird. these guys can do anything they want and melt faces. i like the more experimental shit going on in this one. best blog eva, thank ya

  4. oh shit this is a great album ... . im not into all their shit but me likey dis !yes for thanks yes

    surprised i dont see more fantomas & patton stuff up around these parts

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