The Notwist -Neon Golden (2002)

In all honesty, the best way to describe the Notwist themselves is as an amalgam of all the different sounds and sensibilites embodied by the musician's side projects. What started out as an oft-ferocious, distortion heavy, punk infused project in 1990 has evolved at this point to a band indebted to more styles of music that you can count on one hand. While on paper a combination of dub, drum ‘n’ bass, IDM, the occasional banjo, jazz, chamber strings, and strong guitar fueled melodies seems like it might result in a tangled morass of sounds and styles, the Notwist pull off this combination without so much as a stutter.

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  1. There's no link, i think you forgot to put it.

  2. there's no link bro...

  3. puxel says:

    still uploading, i clicked it early :x

  4. Dylan says:

    I'm getting a CRC error on track 8. Is it just me?

  5. Aldrenean says:

    Same here. :( Like what I've heard so far though, thanks!

  6. ron says:

    One of my favourite albums, ever. If you like this one, give Shrink a whirl. :-)

  7. this is great, finally listened to it in my car song reminded me of home video, who i love too...............

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