Sleigh Bells - Treats (2010)

i don't know why this picture is small, it's supposed to be 350x350 what the shit

pretty sure everyone has heard this by now, whatevz. it's good, you all know sleigh bells are good.

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  1. KiDG says:

    F**king awesome. Thanks!

  2. stEvil says:

    Been hanging for this. Thanks!

  3. Evan says:

    Totally unrelated but you should do everyone a favor and post some Kate Bush up in this bitch.

  4. stEvil says:

    We're all agreed that this is gonna be the best album of 2010, yeah?

  5. Murphey says:

    Somehow better than Childish Gambino's remixes

  6. blackmold says:

    Link is down, could ya re-up?

  7. link was dead.
    here's a live one.

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