The Microphones - "The Glow" pt. 2 (2001)

i figure some of you may have already listened to this album, but it is just really that great. all the elements that are thrown in here mix so well together with phil elverum's style, that is just surpasses simple influence into something new. the glow pt 2 is a folk-ish grunge-y distorted fuzzed out album with some great musicianship holding it all together. fans of noise and sound-collages may also get a joy out of this album, and anybody who enjoyed the seattle scene can also befriend it. oh, and if you like folk too. actually, even if you mildly like fantastic production, download this.

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  1. KM says:
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  2. I love this blog
    the microphones are the greatest band of all time
    you should post It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water and Song Islands too

  3. drk says:

    have you heard the re-issue vinyl yet with the extra stuff... let me know if you come across a vinyl rip anywhere? i really need to order one.


    free music. free yourself.

  4. dantelop says:

    drk, I have the re=issue vinyl, but I lack the means to rip it properly. if you want to though, I could post the v0 of the deluxe extras.

  5. drk says:

    that'd be awesome.. i can't afford one for two weeks and am afraid i might not get one if they sell out by then.


  6. dantelop says:

    here it is broseidon.

  7. drk says:

    if you ever want anything... here's my file pile...

    just click show descriptions in the left sidebar and search away... it was for my one blog that got shut down and my newer one at but i don't have time to post anymore because i'm busy doing this...

    free music.
    free yourself...
    and get yr vinyl at cost.

    thanks for the bonus disc.


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