B. Dolan - Fallen House, Sunken City (2010)

B(ernard). Dolan is a hip-hop artist. Furthermore, he is dope. I'll leave the rest to the lyrics. The beats are solid/tested/approved. You know what to do, fool.

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Track 8 has been reported to be broken, so here it is separately

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  1. puxel says:

    Track 8's broked. :(

  2. alright, I uploaded it separately.

  3. James A. says:

    I haven't been keeping up on hip hop lately so hopefully this isn't shit. Track 10 with Cadence Weapon and P.O.S is pretty good.

    You should post some Cadence Weapon for those who don't know. (Breaking Kayfabe, Afterparty Babies..I have those but could use his other stuff if you guys find it)

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