Pelican - What We All Come To Need (2009)

What We All Come to Need has taken it not a step further than City of Echoes, but a step more inside that aesthetic. The concentration here is on songwriting rather than riffing. There is a decidedly more melodic bent here than on any of the band's previous releases. It's also heavier, if that's possible...

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  1. Bender says:

    i liked these guys until i met them. self righteous assholes

  2. Barry says:

    Really? It's a long time ago when I met them, I think it was the release tour for Australasia so 2003 time, but they were really nice back then, talked with us after the show, and they didn't have the size shirt I wanted out, so I kept saying i'd just buy another design but the drummer insisted and spent about 10 mins rooting around in the back of the tour van to get me the right one! Maybe making it big changed them!

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