You Say Party! We Say Die! - XXXX (2009)

get it if you like: metric, le tigre, pretty girls make graves, the organ.

i had no idea you say party! we say die! had a new album coming out so finding this last night was a pretty cool surprise. their old lo-fi-ish dance-punk a la le tigre sound is still here but (just like le tigre) on their third album the band manages to mix it with a more mature sound and cleaner, brighter production and come out on top. i was a bit let down when i listened to their second album because it wasn't the same as the first one but they've won me over again with this one. i absolutely loved the tracks lonely's lunch and laura palmer's prom. kickass songs. get it and give it a couple listens before you pass any judgment, this is a grower.

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  1. ~ says:

    i had my doubts but since i download everything you guys put out it came on tonight and dude this album is motherfucking tight! thanks for posting it.

  2. infuzory says:

    huh is XXXX/Loyality a Cure song?no?ok

  3. Rainer says:

    A grower is right, I couldn’t really get into this album the first few spins, but now I love it. This is what dance-relate music should be, a whirlwind of excitement and sorrows.

    "Lonely's lunch" and "laura palmer's prom" are indeed great songs by the way (the latter possibly being my favorite track) but the haunting vocals/lyrics/instruments of both "Dark Days" and "XXXX/loyalty" are incredible. Becky Ninkovic can do both slow and fast songs perfectly.

    Overall, this is a strong album from start to finish, which surprised me as I expected some decent tunes and a lot of filler. Nothing of the sort here, all solid tracks. I never heard of this band before but consider me a fan (and add this band to the list of "dumb name, good band").

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