OOIOO - Armonico Hewa (2009)

ooioo is a side project of boredoms drummer yoshimi p-we (the pink robot-fighting yoshimi the flaming lips sing about). they're a pretty cool experimental-noise rock-all-girl band. their new album armonico hewa was released like a month ago and it's their most accessible album to date imo. chicks love it.

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  1. Tropolist says:

    what the fuck is happening on this record

  2. Andrew says:

    lol, listen to their 2006 Taiga album then ask the same thing.

  3. MezzerBox says:

    green and gold is their best, its like super a/e which is the boredoms best (of their psyc stuff) soul discharge for the early years. best sounds bad.

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