Air - Love 2 (2009)

Boy this band has come a long way from Moon Safari. In the way that a body might be thrown a long way after a particularly gruesome vehicular crash. It's not that bad, I guess. Every song is well made, and there are some standout moments. But all in all the album just sounds so generic, so tired and overwrought. Air were amongst the best producers of, well, really stoned sounding electronic music. They spawned leagues of copycats whose work you can usually find in the 'Relaxation' section of Borders or on the counter at Starbucks. This album sounds like a copycat of those Air copycats. Maybe you will like it though; plenty of people are just raving about it. Download it.

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  1. Stone says:

    Whaoo, this is the biggest letdown ever.

  2. DeeKay says:

    Anyone got the 2008 10th Anniversary Reissue of Moon Safari?

  3. Moshi says:

    I don't think anything I've listened to before has been accused of being generic electro, so whatev, I'll have to check this out...


  4. Anonymous says:

    not bad music

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. maryam says:
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  7. maryam says:

    Love this album! Just discovered it this year. Funny thing the first song I listened to by Air was Run, it was played as a soundtrack on Veronica Mars. I immediately fell in love with it but I never tried to listen to anymore Air tracks until this year. I don't know why it took me this long.

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