Ducktails - Ducktails (2009)

The one-man psychedelic pop project by some guitarist from New Jersey. Blends distorted guitars over looping pop riffs. This album reminds me of Aphex Twin's "Selected Ambient Works", but more upbeat/droning. Some great tracks on here, and one of my favorite albums to throw on while I'm trying to fall asleep



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  1. This band/album is baller as fuck. I fully support this post.

  2. Yessssss! This album is ruddy ace. Much better than that Backyards release of his.

  3. Can you re-upload this? The link isn't working for me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very nice!

  5. I fully support this post as well, this shit is awesome.

  6. Rainer says:

    I was afraid that this was going to be some kitsch nostalgia act. Far from it. Super chill indeed.

    I particularly like pizza party and dancing with the one you love. They are rocking enough while still being very euphoric.

  7. Do you happen to have the Landscapes LP?

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