Matthew Robert Cooper - Miniatures (2008)

I picked this up on vinyl a while back, but hadn't really sat down to listen to it as a whole until tonight. I decided it would be worth sharing, so here you go. I didn't check the file for quality or anything, just downloaded, extracted, and reuploaded it, so if you encounter any problems leave a comment and I'll fix it tomorrow. Right now I'm going to bed.

Matthew Robert Cooper is the man better known as the artist Eluvium. Apparently he made this album but thought it didn't fit with what he was doing as Eluvium, so he released it under his real name. Regardless, fans of Eluvium and others will enjoy this. It's pretty good stuff, slightly droney at times, piano and keyboard based ambient tracks, great for chilling out and whatever else. Recommended for just about anyone to give it a listen, especially those who like Eluvium.

If you like it, leave a comment so I know.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Good stuff, if you like piano listen to it. Thanks for putting it up :)

  2. Andrea says:

    Very nice and restful music.
    Thank you for. sharing

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