Matt Wyatt - The Goodbye Waltz (2003)

A fantastic record of driving, high-energy old-time fiddling with really great backup. This type of fiddling is my absolute favorite to play and listen to. You probably haven't heard anything like this - it's not bluegrass or country, just one dude caressing your ears with one sweet tune after another.

P.S. it's deliciously lo-fi and informal, not a sterile studio product.

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  1. mrk_d says:

    this is fantastic - only 10 listeners on!

  2. Lane says:

    yeeah, matt wyatt won a lot of fiddle contests between 2000 and 2003 when that album was recorded, but success on the fiddle contest circuit =/= fame and fortune. I'll put up some more albums of fiddling soon.

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