Silver Apples - s/t

I don't really know too much about this band, or what to say about this music, so I'll go ahead and copypasta the since it's a hell of a lot more informative than I am.

"Contrasting the flowery psychedelic rock music of the late-1960s, the new york city-based Silver Apples created an avant-garde sound based on little more than a homemade synthesizer and an extensive drumkit."

I've only listened to this album once, and I really, really enjoyed it. A few people that I've talked to say it's one of their favorites. Overall, it's a really cool album that deserves some attention.


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  1. Tropolist says:

    Fuck I love these guys. I remember discovering them, and the realizing that this album came out in 1967. Mind = Blown. I have the other two albums if people like this one.

  2. dfbm says:

    great band! yes!

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