Kap Bambino - Love (2002)

Sorry I haven't been around all week (or since my birthday, really). I've had one hell of a time. Of course, you probably didn't notice or care. I'll be catching up on overdue papers for a week or so, but before that, I have a few uploads to justify my protracted leave.

Love is Kap Bambino's first, extremely limited edition, Vinyl-only release from way back in '02. So you can forgive a lot of publications for citing ZLNV as their debut. It's much more mellow than their later stuff, though it still gets pretty intense at times. If you are not a Kap Bambino fan, this will not convert you. Lots of those great squelchy synths and noisy hooks I am so fond of.

I have not heard the new album yet, since I shelled out big to order a copy from Holland and I feel some sort of grudging duy to wait. Don't spoil it for me.

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