HORSE the band - Shapeshift 7" (2009)

get it if you like: xiu xiu.

horse the band's new single from their 4th album desperate living (to be released in august), features vocals (and possibly production) from james stewart from xiu xiu. limited to 500 copies, 250 to be sold on tour while on the UK (go see them britfriends) and 250 to be sold through vagrant records. the song is still very horse-ish, similar to the stuff on a natural death, but like more mature, as it's been with every horse album, natural evolution i guess we could call it. also includes a remix by skrillex, aka sonny moore, former singer of from first to last.


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  1. l'harry says:

    They went on tour in the UK in May, but other than that, thanks a lot for the link. It took like, two months (since placing the order) for mine to get to me, and one of them was warped :(

    Err, that's the 7"s, not the .mp3s..


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