Aranis - Aranis (2005)

Aranis is a Flemish septet, playing music across the borders of classical, folk and (post)rock. They have released two albums so far: Aranis (2005) and Aranis (2007).

For a while I didn't know what to make of this style of music, but it grew on me as most decent music does. If you're looking for something new and avante-garde this is definitely it.

Similar Artists: Univers Zero, Far Corner

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  1. I dont comment a lot, but i should. I pretty much just download a bunch all at once, put it in my car, and check it out. Though the metal isn't my thing, i'm sure it is for a lot of people. All i'm trying to say is what you're doing on this site is a fucking service to the world, and i hope you never stop. Seriously.

  2. thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

  3. jh says:

    nice album, thanks dude

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