Michael Jackson - Thriller (1982)

michael jackson died today at age 50 in los angeles, california. he was one of the greatest performers of our time and one of the best selling artists ever. i enjoyed michael's music very much during my childhood and still do today so news of his death were kind of sad to me. i don't care about his general weirdness and the scandals as that was part of his personal life, i'm just interested in the musician and entertainer, i hope all of you remember him for that as well as acknowledge his importance in music history, this is a sad day for music and music fans. here's his album thriller, the best selling album of all times. RIP king of pop.


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  1. Thanks for this man, I considered doing a similar post. RIP

  2. Third song is tagged wrong.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Michael certainly was a bizarre weirdo pedophile and I never much liked his public persona, but his importance to the music and entertainment industry cannot and should not be denied. He was an amazing singer and dancer, probably one of the most significant entertainers of our time. RIP Michael Jackson.

  4. ( ~д~) says:

    he wasn't "one of" the best selling artists ever, he was

  5. he wasn't "one of" the best selling artists ever, he was

    Garth Brooks and Celine Dion have since sold more records
    but I understand where you're coming from

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