Rasputina - The Lost and Found 2nd Edition (2003)

get it if you like: cello rock, classic rock, emilie autumn.

"rasputina is a cello driven band" says their wikipedia article. think apocalyptica's setup without the ridiculous metal imagery and the nordic gays and replace it with emilie autumn's. times 4. or something. i got into this band way back in middle school through a friend and loved them since, recently i re-discovered this EP full of cover songs from pink floyd, creedence clearwater revival, pat benatar and more, and i still love it. these are some amazing covers, all played by cellos and with melora creager's haunting beautiful voice. truly enjoyable release, i'll try to post more rasputina soon.


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  1. Moshi says:

    Good lord that's a lot of pretentious bullshit crammed into one package.

    Sorry, but it's a bit too much for me, and I liked Anathello's Floating World.

  2. CassieSue says:

    I love rasputina. end of story.

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