Unknown - Sicko Cell/Knock Knock (2011)

Advertisded as Unknown, this actually is all the work of Joy Orbison, who recently switched to the more simplified monicker, Joy O. A-side "Sicko Cell" is as addictive as the drug it references (see above cover.) "I'm the information. Cocaine powder," that's the addictive stuff. And then, "too much, too much, too much," serves as a sort of reminder, repeated about x32. The B-side is robbed of the praise it deserves though. "Knock Knock" is a warm track that has plenty to offer, with receding synth-lines, big percussive elements and cleverly-cut vocal snippets. Minimal house at its absolute best. Stuff like this is the reason I don't ever feel bad dropping £7.99 for a two-track vinyl.

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  1. . says:


    thank you so much!

  2. ZD says:

    this is v nice

    i rly like this "uk bass" movement (although it's sort of just a rehash of the broken beat movement from a few years ago).

    both tracks completely own the fuck out of everything thanks for sharing!

  3. Snofsan says:

    Time to find a name for all this kind of music.
    Breakbeat is not sufficient,dubstep sounds different,house fits not at all.
    I am only sure about one thing.
    I love this!!
    Another big thank you.

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