SBTRKT is big on collaboration. He totally sees himself as a producer and as far as we're concerned here at WFLM, why shouldn't he? Don't believe us? Listen to the handful of EPs he's managed to release in the last two years and pay special attention to the vocals on the tracks. Think Timbaland/Massive Attack/Moby... Sort of like that except, more poppy/dubstep-py. If you take a gander and listen to some older SBTRKT, you'll hear/see that he certainly has the underground appeal of other current UK beat/dubstep producers (complete with jungle beats and steel drum samples a-la 2step wonk) but with this here SBTRKT LP, SBTRKT takes the more popular (and unexpected) route of mainstream producer by releasing an extremely approachable and radio-friendly record. This is one of those releases you either adore or absolutely detest. No in-betweening here. Sorry.

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  1. thanks for the amazong amount of music that ive been able to know from this site, also id like to know if there´s a possibility of webmasters to consider de chance of putting out there the music ive made, since you like diversity, i havent see anything from Argentina, if there´s a chance id upload it to mediafire account in correct format an specifications, im not trying to sell or whatever, just put it out there in what i think is the best music site i know right now

  2. this is the best album posted thus far

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