James Blake - Air and Lack Thereof (2009)

Tweedy vocal samples and bright synthesizer patches make this James Blake debut a straight heater. It was clear (even back in 2009) when James Blake first began releasing music that he was already on to something. This was post/dubstep unlike anything else out there, at the time. His motto/trick/savoir-faire: you really gotta leave room for the tracks to breathe. Now that's something they don't teach you, even at the most technically-oriented of conservatoires. Think forward, always.

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  1. can someone stop redboxmike from posting so much shitty bleepy bloopy music and using phrases like "post-dubstep"


  2. @Peanut_Butter_Is_So_Great_You_Guys:


    Send me an email and we'll talk about it bro...

  3. ill! says:

    peanut butter is wack

  4. oh dang now I feel like a super jerk

  5. . says:

    be nice, PB

    this is prolly my favourite release of mister blake's. word

  6. If you liked this album, check out his most recent release The Wilhelm Scream...the beauty of the song is very moving.

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