Dene Road - Whin Sill (2010)

Dene Road is from Newcastle, England and is currently signed to Wigflip Records. This is interesting: both the artist name and album title function as geographic locations (though the former is absolutely made-up.) It is important to note though, that Whin Sill (or the Great Whin Sill) has something to do with geology. What it is is this giant slab of rock located somewhere in the northeastern portion of England. There is a Little Whin Sill, but that's somewhere in the south.

All this of course, has nothing to do with the music. The tracks themselves are quite mellow and "subdued"-sounding. Dene Road takes his time with this release, and in a good way too. The tracks follow this sort of bell-curve shape, as the mid-points usually reach some sort of apex... and this almost always offers a nice "woah" moment. Tip!

Bonus download: 1 Offs and MPD Jams

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