Bullion - You Drive Me to Plastic (2011)

Bullion - You Drive Me To Plastic image

20 minutes of heat. No fast-forwarding or skipping this time, (this one's a direct vinyl-rip.) Masterfully mixed with composition that dupes expectation. Play this in the background while you are working and it'll be over before you realize nine tracks just played. Ranging from 70s disco sounds to modern bass and retro funk psychedelia, Bullion rivals (and surpasses?) Madlib in production value. As certain tracks sound like montage-type music (think Karate Kid and Lethal Weapon III,) Bullion has succeeded in producing a truly cinematic (in the sense that this could have been a 20-minute cut from any buddy/action/comedy film from the 90s) record, assuming that was his ultimate goal/plan/mission/task.*

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  1. SantiN says:

    I love you guys..... thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey man, absolutely love your blog. Would of commented earlier but only just bothered to get a blogger. Was wondering if you would be prepared to post an EP i made last year? I have no interest trying to sell it, just want to get it out there. Maybe you can listen to it first and decide? Thanks

  3. Send it to my gmail and I'll give it a listen... It's the same as my username.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice one dude, i just sent it

  5. Jordan says:

    Nice, it will be cool to have something from this guy other than the brilliant In the Key of Dee

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