Jackson and His Computer Band - Smash (2005)

Jackson & His Computer Band is Jackson Fourgeaud. He is from Paris. Right now, he is 32-years old and signed to Warp Records. Smash is a collection of tracks that are made up of dozens and dozens of individually-chopped samples, essentially warped and fudged-with beyond recognition. For this style, think Ed Banger or more specifically, Mr. Oizo and Justice-inspired music (sort of like that "uh" vocal sample in the Justice track "Waters of Nazereth") except every single track sorta sounds like that. What makes it really special though is that each track begins in a rather simple manner. As if Jackson is showing us the main bits of the track before getting to work and get-to-work he does! Jackson has also been featured on those Adult Swim bump things that air late at night on Cartoon Network. 30-seconds of fame FTW!

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