Sheep,Dog&Wolf - Ablutophobia (2011)

best nz release of the year so far. really timeless/location-less. soooo good. pay for this shit if you can. artist's description:
My name is Daniel McBride, 17 years of age, and Ablutophobia EP is the result of 9 months on-and-off recording in a tiny little studio I've managed to set up in my bedroom. I composed and performed all the songs by myself, borrowing various instruments to try and live up to the ideas I had in my head - an endeavour that saw me teach myself cello and euphonium, simply because I'd decided they were essential to the song.
This obsessiveness with which I record has resulted in a lot of sleepless nights, food-less days, and social-contact-less weeks, but I think that it's been worth it. This EP marks the first, and certainly not the last, release from Sheep,Dog&Wolf; a project that for the last nine months has been my steadily growing and increasingly demanding music-baby. So please, download and enjoy!

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  1. OLDNIK says:

    Excellent find, a very accomplished EP by any standards, let alone a 17 year old!!!
    most definitely, a recommended listen

  2. Alena says:

    where can I find it ?

  3. OLDNIK says:

    click on the link at the bottom of the paragraph, it'll take you to his band page where you can purchase the EP for whatever you deem it's worthy

  4. rachel says:

    wow thank you so much for posting this. sharing it with everyone i know.

  5. Ylla says:

    oh... thank you ))
    I was inattentive

  6. André says:

    This guy is excellent, please post more music like this.

  7. Jose Ray says:

    I've been grabbing a lot of music off of here and haven't commented on anything yet. I was recently hunting around on here on saw your prompts to leave comments, so I'm now going back and leaving comments on my faves. Big props for the service you provide, even though I cannot comprehend how you possibly have this much knowledge of great audio. Thanks.

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