The Men - Leave Home (2011)

exciting release from punk-ish outfit The Men. despite the Ramones name check, hard to peg them as just punk, or hardcore, or post-punk, or sludge, or krautrock, as these influences pop up all over the album but don't really stick from song to song. this is the sort of record that could've been an instant classic if they'd had an extra few days in the studio - for the outright furious and fuzzed out tracks it doesn't really matter, but for tunes with more intricate lines and songwriting the higher production values would have really made a difference. either way, this is fucking good and word is their live show is something special.

and i propose to you that it takes 5 seconds

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  1. Linny says:

    I havent listened to this yet, but I always enjoy sacred bones consistency with their album covers.

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