Samiyam - Sam Baker's Album (2011)

Sounds like J Dilla. Blogs call it post-Dilla stuff. People in real-life call it timeless. It's deceptively simple-sounding. Instrumental hip-hop/beat music that stylistically shares a lot with jazz compositions. Samiyam is different from Dilla in the sense that he strays from using only samples and actually uses synths ...a lot. Get the sub-woofer out of the closet for this one though and make sure the neighbors are out visiting grandma cause it's about to get loud. Big release.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Boo! It's been removed due to violation...:(

  2. Desilu says:

    awww no, it's gone!

  3. ZD says:

    yo the new LIL B is really god! :o

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