Blue Sky Black Death - Noir/Noir + Violet (2011)

A duo: Kingston and Young God. Sorta like M83 except more hip-hop-centric. NOIR is their newest LP. NOIR + VIOLET is an extension of that release: 8 screwed tracks. If witch-house/Salem sounded more like a slowed-down film soundtrack, it'd be this. Having said that, this is nothing like witch-house. More like, Explosions in the Sky + Ratatat... Yeah.

Two for the price of one this time.

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  1. DARN1T says:

    Thanks a grip for the bonus tracks! Love this album!

  2. Gaby says:

    both albums were removed due to violation, can you upload them again?

  3. Nonn-E says:

    I love Noir and I NEED Noir + Violet. I cant find it anywhere for free or for $. Help us!

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