Burial - Street Halo (2011)

Burial, you've definitely heard of him. A lot of people thought he was Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) or Norman Cook (Fatboyslim) for a real long time. Turns out he's not. His close friends know him as William Bevan or, Will. He was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2008. He's popular because a lot of people claim he reinvented dubstep, or something like that. He's known to mix his dubstep with 2-step and ambient house-type music. Vinyl crackle, tape hiss, vocal samples, it's all here on this release, undeniably Burial. The title track sounds like something straight out of the Blade soundtrack while "NYC" slows things down for a bit of a molasses-BPM jam. On the B-side, "Stolen Dog," which honestly is the standout track, slaps you across the face with muted house jabs and ambient melodies. Listen with headphones for 100x bliss.

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