Venetian Snares - Filth(2009)

Breakcore about cats.
Going to be released in April.
Enjoy, fuckers

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  1. Stone says:

    This is going worse and worse for VS.

    How to join WFLM is I want to ?

  2. Tropolist says:

    I guess VS just have a thing against cats...?

  3. Alex says:
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  4. Alex says:

    I'm a pretty casual Vsnares fan (the only albums that I listen to on a regular basis are "Rossz Csillag..." and "My Downfall"), but I'm liking this.

  5. He's moving the animal theme to horses in June with his Horsey Noises 12".

  6. try: eat shit & die
    higgins ultra glue
    doll doll doll

    my personal vsnare favs.
    styles vary considerable throughout all his albums
    and this newest isnt really my thing

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