The Protomen - Father of Death/No Easy Way Out 7" (2008)

get it if you like : megaman.

the protomen are an american rock band best known for their 2005 self-titled album which is a rock opera based on megaman. after touring a lot for years they are ready to release a new album this year. father of death is the first single off the new album and it's story is kind of a prequel to the first album and tells the story of en early encounter between dr willy and dr light, who among other things fight for the love of a woman. that means female vocals on the new tracks, and that is amazing. includes a cover of robert tepper's no easy way out (which was a track featured on the rocky IV soundtrack) as a b-side. excellent release and it's only like 9 minutes long, can't wait for the new album.


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  1. Puxel says:

    I'm high as shit and this album blew my mind like 5/0

  2. George says:

    Holy shit. Awesome

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