Röyksopp - Junior (2009)

röyksopp's new album has been described as a mix between the styles of the two previous studio albums, melody A.M. and the understanding, and features robyn, lykke li, karin dreijer andersson and anneli drecker. this is a v0 rip from the japanese retail, includes one bonus track. way better than the transcode that leaked 3 weeks ago. so if you already have this you might want to redownload.

part one
part two

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  1. zdr says:

    i fucking love this blog

  2. Kevo says:

    This isn't necessarily for this album, but i just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for spreading the word on all of these artists. There is a plethora, you know this, of music on here, and the majority of it is really good stuff, in my opinion. Keep up the good work, I am always down to listen to new music.

    By the way do you guys know any more stuff similar to Toe and Mouse on The Keys?

    Thanks again,

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