Cybotron - Colossus (1978)

Cybotron was an Australian duo that formed a decade before the Detroit band of the same name, and they should have been the most influential band on the planet. They were making mature, beautiful electronic prog rock while Kraftwerk and King Crimson were still getting their shit together. The only problem is most of their music was completely unavailable until it was re-issued twenty years after Cybotron split up, and everyone acknowledged how mind-blowing this stuff would have been if they had had a decent label. Colossus is one of their best known and most accessible albums. If you like it, I have the rest of their stuff, but I won't know to share unless you leave a damn comment.

Get if you like: Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind

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  1. Byron says:

    Thanks uploadin' bro, sounds like a good album from the description.

  2. Reece says:

    Definitely would like to hear more of these guys. Thanks.

  3. Dick says:

    Share the rest of this stuff, this is some good shit.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. K. Bauer says:

    yeah, this shit is dope. i want more.

    but yo, you dudes are impossible to get a hold of. look, i don't know any other way to reach you but you gotta post this:

  6. I need more of thisss! thanks for the album though, this seems to be the only place online that shared it.

  7. bobbysu says:

    thank you very much

  8. Oscar says:


    I know Cybotron from mid 80s and only Colossus album on a tape. Of Course after more than 20 years the tape is out of service (but still keep it). So, your link is very apreciate for me because I have many years with out Cybotron. Searching on Internet I follwing this ambums too:

    Gracias, Adios.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just got the "Colossus" .flac - it's fucking awesome! What's their discography? Where to get the rest? BTW, from my knowledge it was trio:

    Steve Braund - ARP synthesiser, ARP sequencer, Korg synthesiser, processed saxophone
    Colin Butcher - drums, percussion, synthesisers
    Geoff Green - piano, organ, strings, Mellotron, synthesisers

  10. could you reup this amigos? & also post whatever else you have by these dudes?

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