Follow The White Rabbit - Self Titled (2008)

Hey! Puxel's posting a mathcore album!

Reminds me of Exotic Animal Petting Zoo.

Edit: 26 downloads and none of you ungrateful bastards comment for a free album thrown your way.

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  1. P! says:

    Fine, here is a comment...

  2. psw says:

    I appreciate the upload but whats the point of asking us to suck your dick for it?

    do it because you enjoy doing it or just don't man, the Internet isn't gonna stroke you off all day for this sorry

  3. So much anger :|
    The fact that 26 people continue to believe in your taste of music and download it even without knowing what it's going to sound like is an implicit way of saying thank you..

    anyway, thanks!

  4. Stone says:

    Sweet cover, but shitty album.

  5. twinz2z says:

    No comments for a Math rock band?
    it doesnt add up.

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