Those Poor Bastards - The Plague (2008)

those poor bastards is a really cool 'gothic country' act, but i don't like country music and i don't like gothic music and i do like them. they are really sad and miserable and good at it. i would recommend getting this, if only for the standout first track 'sick and alone', really beautiful.

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  1. Duke Kola says:

    Great Collection you have here.
    (Could've said the same thing on the 60-70 already downloaded last few days, barely thru the "B's")

  2. This is one amazing album. Reminds me so much of The Handsome Family, another band who if you don't like country will appeal to you. True alt-country.
    Thanks so much for this one.

  3. kurt says:

    Handsome family it is and great stuff, thanks

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