Frank Ocean - Nostalgia,Ultra (2011)

ofwgkta affiliate frank ocean was signed to island def jam, then they didn't do shit for him and so he decided to give away his debut album for free. it's some really sweet modern r&b, other some weird beats like hotel california and some coldplay song. it's a good album, really nice and chill, some cool summer shit as well.

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  1. Err...the Eagles and Coldplay? Sounds disastrous as both seem to typify the most bland periphery of "rock" music. But it seems like it might be worth a chance.

  2. Rob says:

    Very chill, mostly downloaded it for the sweet album cover.

  3. this shit is super wack

  4. the cover is ultra for real.
    not so much the link. says 'Invalid or Deleted File' here.

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