Don Ross & Andy Mckee - The Thing That Came From Somewhere (2008)

This is a really excellent duo record from two of my favorite acoustic steel-string guitarists in the Candyrat stable. Andy Mckee has become a minor youtube celeb, but if you live where the interweb don't shine, this is pretty much what the record sounds like. This album contains a 50/50 mix of originals plus a couple of covers.

I'll post it, but I strongly encourage you to consider buying this or any Candyrat album. They're an amazing label that does a great job getting this sort music out into the world, and you can buy this and other albums straight from their site, with a nice straightforward no-BS download. Andy and Don are fascinating artists who have put a lot of devotion into perfecting very personal, interesting styles, and I really encourage you to support them. guilt guilt guilt.

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  1. skolise says:

    ahh so this is so chill and relaxing

  2. rintesh says:

    Wow! This must be really interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

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